When seeing patients aged 65 and older, routinely ask HAVE YOU FALLEN IN THE PAST YEAR?, DO YOU FEEL UNDSTEADY WHEN STANDING OR WALKING?, DO YOU WORRY ABOUT FALLING?  If your patient answers "yes" to any of these questions they are at increased risk of falling and further assessment is recommended.


Next, do setting-specific examinations:

Algorithm for Fall Risk Assessments and Interventions (STEADI Program) (PDF File) and Fall Risk Checklist (PDF File)

Validated Tests for Health Care Providers to Assess Falls Risk Factors including


  Compendium of falls risk assessment for rehabilitation professionals:

According to Rehabmeasures.org, "The Rehabilitation Measures Database was developed to help clinicians and researchers identify reliable and valid instruments used to assess patient/client outcomes during all phases of rehabilitation. The database provides evidence-based summaries that include concise descriptions of each instrument's psychometric properties, instructions for administering and scoring each assessment as well as a representative bibliography with citations linked to PubMed abstracts. Whenever possible, we have also included a copy of the instrument for the users to download or information about obtaining the instrument."