Many fall prevention strategies require individuals to change their behaviors by altering their home environment, completing prescribed exercises at home, or implementing other aspects of a fall prevention program.  Behavior change can be difficult especially for the elderly population.  STEADI has additional information (see PDF form) on Talking about Fall Prevention with your Patients. 


Reducing the number of risk factors will reduce the probability of falling so it is best to tailor interventions based upon impairments identified during examination.  The STEADI program categorizes individuals into low, moderate, and high risk for fall falling.  Click here to view this algorithm and the respective interventions.


 For those clients that are identified as being at risk for falling, fall prevention interventions are available throughout Kentucky.  The following resources can help provide information regarding what is available in your area:

Area Agency on Aging and Independent Living/Disability Resource

Your Local Health Department

Kentucky Department for Public Health